When We Were Younger

by H.W.

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This song was created in the desolate winter months from the 2009-2010 winter. I had a ton of issues with work and wanted to let people know that regardless of the circumstances that I would make it through. I hope you enjoy it.


When we were younger, watched the catapults push a perfect image
Recessed with a grimace about how the world is living
dealt a bad hand, played the poker path till my plot ran out, understand what I'm really talking about
when the weather winds down winters watermark, I'll swim inside my ink drops, till my spotty speech drops yet I find the doors locked
and in this cycle of confusion twist the fingers back until I see the purple and the bruising
used to loosing litters blood is perfect when its oval
and if I ever hit the lotto gonna spend it till I'm broke
Still the messages are mixing from the liquor that I'm breathing cause these heathens are beseeching everything that I believe in
its a quarter till the pain pushes back into my insides
then you wonder why I strive for more attention from my peers
run away hoping, praying, wishing for my big break me off something congruent to help me with my jaw
keeps flapping, yapping about all my unknown insecurities and how you hold me close and don't let go from burglaries
happy homes weren't so easy but the jealous were so fertile so we dance around each other till somebody draws within a split second
I'm a mere shell of something fluid and you wonder why I keep pursuing everything you ruined
run away kept inside a box made from perfect visions
cataclysms got my questioning religion
if the thought of you hurting haunted me in my sleep I would've screamed until I broke the vocal ceiling of my sheets
kept it all inside crept towards a better half of madness
catch me stabbing at the darkness hope you read the captions nothings got me stressed out, nothings got me confused cause I sleep between sheets with a special sort of muse

I never wanted anything but happiness to kill the silence that I feel has been applying every bit of pressure


released December 26, 2010
Vocals - Josh H.W. Decosta
Beat used from: Alias - All Things Fixable (please support this artist)
Recorded by: Jake Redlist Rainis



all rights reserved


H.W. Boston

I love to rap and complain.
I love to perform.
I want to see your face in the crowd.
Lets hug it out, lets get along.

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