Walk WIth Me

by H.W.

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Will It Work HW and Jim Morrison would go to a party and spend the whole time ignoring everyone else to talk about how their poetry keeps getting misinterpreted as other genres.

I hope you like feels.
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The first single from "I Only Exist On The Internet". tell a friend.


They keep saying, "home is where the heart is"
My heart is buried underneath elaborate forms of garments
tucked in between a rooster crowing in the morning
and a dog that stays silent during warning storms
morning when the day breaks, saints say "get up, let's make it"
"You've got a steady job and a beauty for the makeshift"
"I know the growing pains place blame on the landscape but damn"
"just take a look around I swear its ok"
"the girl you keep close holds quotes above her bed post"
"and in the morning well, you can see, she won't let go"
"afriad of telling her the realest thoughts that you've ever known"
"but hey, that's the way it goes"
living on the east coast, these folks know about the backroads
the small steps forward when it's snowing 10 degrees below
frozen in a flummox, choice chosen at the door
stay home and complain that its raining in the morning
I make complaints about my journey in the city
a lack of luxury, hear me jury
I'm used to being targets for pedestrians, angry on commute
dodging 4 wheels on my own 2
return to the scene for a clue where I went wrong
it happens to be falling fast asleep after dawn
I make small waves stay steady with the current
tides might bring a change and I'm nervous, please hear me out
I've been on a better path, learning more than I ever have before
using better math
clashing with the colors, leaving even less to rummage
but I swear to whoever that I'm honest
most want to say I'm obnoxious, what do they know
probably enough to write a book and get paid slow
I can't help reaching for the reason at the bottom of a bucket
I heard about the gold but where's the sun chips?
dear sister where art thou?


released October 31, 2013
Vocals - Me (H.W. or Josh)
Beat - Deadhorsebeats (deadhorsebeats.bandcamp.com)
Mixed - Redlist (Redlistboston.com)




H.W. Boston

I love to rap and complain.
I love to perform.
I want to see your face in the crowd.
Lets hug it out, lets get along.

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