Ghosts of the life I never lived.

by H.W.

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This song was written during some of the worst times of winter. It was meant to come out in March (and some did get it via email list) but I never got around to finalizing artwork until now. I think its a great song.


I lead life that's irregular
spending yawns drinking coffee with my better half and winter air
This frigid month is depressing
I'd love a shoulder lean if possible but friends are making mass exits
Can I get an amen to repeating your mistakes and taking friction out on someone who was doing ok
What's the point of bringing demons to the forefront if dumb luck is nowhere my handles just don't care
I stared into oblivion and wrestled down discussion see the devils hand holds the key to my untrusting
And it's only growing worse
I worry constant that my personality breeds bitter attitudes that can't be stopped
I used to be carefree now I care to be free sleep dancing to depressed heartbeats
At least Robbie understands sinking deeper in the couch I could love a life of leashes, walks and litter boxes
Shitting wherever whenever however I've wanted forever
to be understood appreciated for endeavours
Instead I argue defy the dealings distant relationships get shifted and now my group is non-existent
When's it time quit staring down alarms meant for ringing under different circumstances bring the bleeding
My visions lost so I'm on the hunt, jungles are deep with referring line that I've drawn
When I'm alone I cry to songs that I wish I wrote, quote most my friends palette never ends trends just keep me calling
Hello hello nope nope the calls been dropped again
Sunrise keeps me on my toes when he’s avoiding my acquaintance
I know I'm late again he states with such a notion
his eyebrows keep repeating "I need a new promotion"
So we chat about my bad habits tried discussing terms of point conditions I'll find a bed when funds permit it
It's such trip when fame get recognition and I'm just serving plates of honesty tools of my ambition
It wasnt written down so I scribble notes of potent memories that prevent me from repeating jokes
Dont believe them when they say your talented, cause talent gets nowhere in life you need a balance
More like a drive that never dies never stops stuck inside don't let dreams consume your mind.
Mistakes are taken to the heart stab my chest so I can finally get to sleep inside my head
Everyday speaking leads to shaken fingers million minutes passing idly because the world existed
My grip is tightening neck is showing bruises air is cut off I've lost the battle help ok computers
Keep me grasping at the short straws in hopes I'll make the news another jumped conclusions only two days too soon
I never wanted fame only ears enjoying every echo left by breathing all the words beneath my hello
Remote control me download ideals felt tips are getting shorter now it's best to abort ship
In the end I'll never what I wanted from this


released March 1, 2011
Beat taken from Qwel's



all rights reserved


H.W. Boston

I love to rap and complain.
I love to perform.
I want to see your face in the crowd.
Lets hug it out, lets get along.

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