Wall Papered Exit Wounds

by H.W.

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Will It Work They used to say rock was about pouring your heart out. Well, this is the same thing, one man with a mic.

It's not exactly a happy album, but it's sincere, truthful, and energetic. Favorite track: Moving On (Feat. Sarah Lynn Bowler).
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released July 23, 2012

Lyrics: Joshua "H.W." Decosta
Music: MobRobb
Cuts: DJ Emoh Betta
Mixed/Mastered: Jake "Redlist" Rainis




H.W. Boston

I love to rap and complain.
I love to perform.
I want to see your face in the crowd.
Lets hug it out, lets get along.

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Track Name: Memories Of Linwood
All I seem to do is sit in this stew, and dream about you and how our life is already through,
Already due is the rent, yeah its still in the bank account
My landlord likes to cause a racket when he’s in my house
If I was a mouse, I’d try to relocate, my mental health, shit well thats up for debate
Past the point of one’s guessing hoping for another outcome
I’d like to date again, but that karmas got bad luck
what sucks more is that I’ve got no life purpose
25 years old, still uncertain bout the workings that we strive for
9 to 5 is fast becoming curtains,
break the bone matter just to scrape beneath the surface
oh this scar? well I got from fighting with my ice cream,
had to argue the point that the cold is not enticing
so here I sit again, staring off into space
wondering where you are and if I could see your face

(Chorus) (repeat when necessary)
I’m just another man, back to the wall with more issues
A tired soul lost of a cause with scar tissue
we all play to win, never wanting a loss
this is for those who love and for those who lost

I’m steady building up the plot somebody show me where the locks went
I want to know if my time is still well spent
heres to past loves that I still want to cherish
hold on to her man, thats what keeps the edge its
the phone ringing in the background, the cast down,
the lack of attention from the girl with the pastels
the colors change from bright blue to dull grey
I guess thats just how my life misbehaves
coming to a cross road and I’m still all alone
and you never seem to call when I’m staring at my phone
I want to crawl into your arms and live my life that way
maybe fall asleep forever with the tides today
drift off this land mass, start new beginnings
with the girl who’s got booty to relinquish the image
that my life is more misfortune than you are ever living
count your blessing, understand I’m doing what your fearing

Let’s start the march towards the door, everybody single file
so the sniper shots can take aim while I smile
for a dollar or a dream you can hear my life story
built upon words that envy both pride and glory
I’m here to share tattered tales of a man's message
empty all of your pockets and pass it up for collecting
call it restitution for the problems that I’ve endured
exchange rates might favor me but I’m unsure
my friend says I’ve got a knack for writing sadness on a track
just pull the knife out of my back and watch out for the traps
I set them up years ago for the one that wants to save me
cause obviously, the girl must be crazy
I’ve been fending so long by myself on driftwood
to the sounds of the water and chatter of birds that maybe
these words will fall upon your deaf ears
I just want from you a second glance to question why I’m here
Track Name: Blueprints To Your Inner Workings
She don’t believe in love, doesn’t believe in trust
doesn’t believe in the things she used to dream about
she thinks he’s the one, she can’t live without
the dreamer’s thoughts tend to flutter when she’s on that cloud
just bring the downsize, yes the girl will still survive
cause what she doesn’t know is, all she needs is on the inside
the retry of life, that tends to be the situation
thinks she needs an escape, find her own vacation
and at the station is where I find her mind and soul
searching through the classifieds in hopes of finding whole
every breath I stole, I would return to her
this ever-ready being of hope is still needing cures
its like, I’m no investment to make, please you must believe me.
the life I lead, the thoughts I make, aren’t always easy
so strip the essence of what you want from this
a friend, a lover, an excuse to hold something sacred
I’m as basic as it gets, no magic tricks
women tend to fall for qualities they label tragic
and I’m as bad as it gets, the wounded soldier
still strung together in hopes I’ve kept my composure
its like, I spend my days searching cities of lost
so tired from the expedition I forgot where I was
so here’s to you beauty, please find what you’re looking
a fraction of the love we lost, at our parents door
there’s plenty more, whether its me or another one
I just need you to know, you’re the upgrade from a setting sun
so let your will be done and keep me in contact
all I wanted was for you to escape the contrast
the contract is deep written in your frame of mind
please catch the jargon, understand within sometime
the only crime I commit, is letting you go
letting you know, there’s more to me than I care to show
so let your roots grow deep and spread your broken wings
you need to sing again girl, yo, you need to breath
deep image intakes of what you mean to me
a woman who knows no bounds and what lies beneath the scene
I want to scream everyday of my life
that you deserve more than you’ve accepted within this pipe dream (X2)
yeah that tends to be the scene
Track Name: Brutally Beautiful
She plays the part of the beautiful vampire
you know the type to sink her fangs in until you expire
I was tired so I didn’t fight back
but this woman had me tripping from the venom she attached
no reaction when I started twitching from it
can’t seem to stop the shakes controlled by her black magic
tragic to say, I never saw her after that night
but lately I’ve been staring off into the moonlight
my former problems got me looking for an answer
can;t seem to shake this devil woman out of the cancer
the chance of finding her again are so slim
so I’m searching spots women go,like clubs and gyms, yes
My brutally beautiful baby princess, got me staying up nights
killing moths and insects
so if you see her, please give her a tug
and tell her there’s no love, but your love

He spends his time between the family and the job site
stays overtime working on plans for the next life
got every detail mapped out for next sunday
he thinks he’ll score points with the wife for the play
he takes her out, can’t seem to keep it simple
but she’s worth more than gold in his mind and its an issue
its always been like this, he’s never unfaithful
he really believes her when she says she is grateful
until that monday, he came home early right?
caught her in the act with a friend on a work night
that’s all it took, grabbed a blade out the kitchen
started massacring his arms and face with precision
she said stop, it didn’t need to be like this
we could be friends, we’ve got such a great gift
he replied back, yes it does
because I want my looks to match what you are

They can’t seem to keep track of every minute
cause the world that they’re living in, just seems infinite
so happy with each other, no need to worry
cause they both work their days, spend their nights telling stories
to each other, they’ve never had a lover
that would sit, stare, and listen, interact with each other
and thats the beauty of it, deep within the covers
that these two really do, truly love one another
its never going to end, I’m really saying this to you
he writes stories of the days he didn’t have his truth
she works at school, teaching love to the children
that if they should invest they might earn some winnings
she’s not the best at it, can’t seem to pay attention
cause shes thinking of the previous night, with retention
I gotta say, I’m jealous of their love its true
cause what they had, man I wish I had too
Track Name: Hello Stranger
I want to figure you out now, you want to leave town
you’re packing all your things waiting on that same sound
I’ve to come around, hoping you would understand
but dial tones are all I’m hearing, that wasn’t part of the plan
so here I stand another hopeless trying to build a fort
but legal situations got me stuck up in court
I have to laugh now, cause we had a good time
sitting on the bus, holding hands, man I wish you were mine
Its over now I guess I’ve got songs to make
just shake it all off josh, your mind is racing past the date
I pass the place we once knew, it hurts me to say
that we could never come to the same agreements on a shape
we were better off when we were still an item
syphoning off guilty pleasures, just to try them
climb the ladder towards adulthood, Im 25 its understood
that men and women come and go in life
but I wish you would just stick it out
for once

just for once listen to me when I’m speaking
if we didn’t have something special I would have left quickly
my mind is racing past the moments I saw you in high school
to the nights we spent all alone, sitting in my room
to few have shared the same passions that I have
and if that was the end I wouldn’t be here acting out all mad
its all tears knowing this is my fault, you couldn’t handle the downfall
don’t get me wrong, I wish you nothing but the best
and if you don’t want me, I’ll take steps towards my last breath
the quest is incomplete, another journey gone to dust
the park bench is lonely by myself, surrounded by rust
it was love more than lust for you Melissa
hope these words reach you and make you
a believer
I’m steady dreaming of the nights our lips meet
got shivers down my spine every night you fell asleep with me
Track Name: Moving On (Feat. Sarah Lynn Bowler)
So simply sit me down and share with me your life parade
I pray to god, that every night, the thoughts I have aren’t right today
Let’s turn this volume up, just a little louder
hopefully someone will notice that we’re breaking out the hours
sing the angels theme of death, till you just can’t take it
memorize my thoughtless vision with an image that's sacred
place the blame on we, the poets that can’t pass the muster
till we’ve lost control of justice and are tattered to a gust of wind
I’ll break the binds down that tie my mind to words and nouns
if you just sit a minute, realize I’m not a clown
I was a frown, once upon a time and now it's reversed
displaying cargo ships of magic, yes the curse is always lifted
I feel as if I planned out this shipment, that it would never arrive
possibly, missing increments
I tend to talk a lot about the role of the leader
yet the savagery of self esteem is decimating features
I’ll be moving on

I’ll break this down for you, one time before I die tonight
that late night drive in movies aren't the themes to my life
I spend my time, working circuits, sharing thoughts with my other
complications may occur in my mind, but like butter
I stay churning
please, cross your Tee’s, dot the eyes
and if I say that I’m ok, realize I’m probably lying
cause I’ve got stress to kill the feeling life is improving
maybe soon someday, I’ll break the space
and truly learn the movements
to the piece of scrap paper maches that haunt me in my sleep
recurring these images within my mind to stop the panicking
and so I’ll be ok, just listen to the songs I’ve made
and talk tenderly tonight as if I died from heartbreak
I’ll be moving on

I’m damaging myself with every day, this disarray
is holding up the lens too close for movements that will relocate
just save a seat near the end when worlds start ending
cause collapse within your trials of life, I’ll keep mending up the spirit
I wish I had DVR ability, to channel up the muster to rewind and burn a dvd
replaying the images that make me smile, all the while
separate the pain into another file that I call instant
I’m told I’ve got a great face and complexion
so why’s my mind doubting it and hating on the reflection
dead to friends, fan to family, I guess that’s what I’m saying
better off investing in your life and situation
cause I’ll be moving on
Track Name: Faded Memories
Just drive me home, I want to take the road thats still open
stop hoping that somewhere along the lines I’ll find you coping
you’re my angel of the airwaves, can’t seem to shake you off tonight
the bright lights shine through all the thunder’s fright
I’ll be alright, that’s the motto for the daily presence
offering my soul for your consumption that’s just why I’m stressing
phones dead, dial tones are all I’m hearing
singing hymns that I should move along and find another evening to waste my life with
pass the buck right into my cup, all I’ve seen is bad times turn tides and when I’m done
I want to run far away from here, clear of the motives
that the people tend to push when I’m lost in this emotion
here’s to crawling towards the exit when the roads got rough
cause as much as I’m leaving, most of me is staying with the thought
that somewhere out there, our paths did cross
I’ll never be the same again cause there is love lost and so

(Chorus, sing along)
Pick the phone up, check the ringer if its on at all
You’re on the back porch, I’m screaming at the front wall
The cost to date, more stress, less weight
throw your hands up if you know what I’m trying to relate

Please pick a date, the number 8 is uncomforting
tends to haunt me in my sleep and leaves me more offerings
of pain, suffer, hurt, that’s the reason behind this
you thought the actions were just blinded by the shyness
so try this drink, I swear it helps forget everything
I take a daily dosage just to offset the extra cringe
the tinge you’re feeling thats just memories calapsing
trying to find a way out of this life is such a tragedy
so many waste their lives chasing people uninterested
with better options all around to share my instances
I went from happy times to solid states of sadness
and never found the situation ever more tragic
so here’s to laughing at yourself when you become too serious
and meddling with other peoples lives to find a potent thinking its
the world we’re living a sad state of affairs
but to everyone around I’m still finding out I’m unprepared

I’m growing older by seconds my face is melting
melding into a form thats similar to bullet casings
I spray the fragrance, confidence can only offer me
was taught to stop trying when you decided to leave, see
round here things ain’t always what it seems
you claim to understand me, but only to a degree
lately, my life is shaky, blown to bits by disappointment
anoint the gifts that the bearers bring to the prison’s closing
so you finally wake up, alone with a note near the bed
realize what the pictures said, I’ll be gone
lost a million miles from this home
with my phone in tow, and trunk full of lost woes
so here’s to building dreams on concrete
trying to survive on gas money and lunch meat
my body bears scars that will never share their stories
I’m not too proud, I’m really just too stubborn to give up
Track Name: Insecurities
Chorus (first, for once):
You think I’ve got my whole life mapped out so well
I’m telling you now, this is my show and tell
I work the local circuit spreading life lessons
while emoh spins vinyl, messes into the session
we keep you guessing, where the songs coming from
and when you think the sets over just know its never done
I’m just waiting for the day somebody saves me
from this life, leading off the bridge of crazy

Don’t try to tempt me with your eyes in the darkness miss
I’ve been here before, its all the same awkwardness
You keep saying that I’ve got such a way with words
And if I come home with you tonight we might break some chords
I’m really flattered but you’re still not listening
I’ll take the complements and probably pass on the intermission
trying to find a vision of a girl who’s my type
and not sleep around with floozies after I work the night
despite the fact that your beauty is unmatched
I think you need to figure out yourself a new life plan
just take a chance and understand you’re better than this
stop wasting your life on artists who just want to make kids
I mean it all when I look directly at you
I’m more than just another rapper torn apart with tattoos and
if I feel we got something together, here’s my number, call me up
when you get home later

so when I stand on stage and rant about these women
please understand it's not always you I’m dissing
I’m wishing, for optimism to corrupt my cynicisms
and break the cycles that I tend to live within
the depths of my soul lies a man whose hearts been shattered
fractured bits of myself have been spread across the atmosphere
I’m laughing when you look at me cause I’m just so shocked
that someone of your caliber would waste their time wanting to talk
to another nobody, who’s playlist
consist of break up songs about relationships
so face it girl, if you think I’m worth investing
please put your quarters up and start the line of progression
I’m kind of nerdy, read too many things on the net
reciting information that your mind won’t ingest
I feel I’m fucked finding someone who will get me
so if you’re not her, please pass me up and buy the next release
Track Name: This Old Town
This road is where I used to live, a vibrant city landscape
A challenge just to walk a mile when I was diaper trained
A man made wonder till I grew a little older
took a look at the potholes, got a bit closer
started noticing the cracks in the ground we resent
filled to the brim, desperation, that’s how we lament
so our goals in this life, are to play wet cement
mold and adapt to the tragice situations of the present
I’d like to believe, I’ve come a long way
since the gold rushed towards the exit of this cave
craved massive attention when I was still a bit infant
submit the final documents, but I’m missing finger prints
call me the unknown planeswalker
though tour would make me stronger but instead I grew fonder
for the days when josh didn’t have a single care
if you’re out there listening, please know I’m right here

This old town has a strong grip on me
from the tides of taunton river near main st
I come from a place, most like to forget
I’m not turning my back, recognize and represent
This old town has a strong grip on me
from the tides of taunton river near main st
We come from a place, most like to forget
I’m not going that route, recognize and represent

I’ve got a stomach filled with false hopes I’m trying so hard
to use this knife by my belt just to silence my scars
damage the guards, cause they’re lacking every bit of malice
turn the lights on Alice, this wonderland is just tragic
so fracture the hopes that you built upon an honest living
I’m wining goals and yet thinking of quitting
not enough has changed my situation to believe in this
the roads are all empty, hopeless, filled with guilt that
we’re going far and still getting nowhere
seems the race towards the stairs was the door towards the welfare
pay the price, that’s been the motto to my life
friends think they understand sacrifice and strife, it's like
taking your check, your health and your world
now throw it out the window towards the gutter near you
that still rings true, towards my futures final stake
I’m pulling my weight, I’m leaving nothing to fate
it's like

Its been 4 years since I left my hometown
gunning for the top half echelon, I finally get the math
when I make it to the place that I'm comfortable inside my skin
akin to the issues blowing in the wind
where the city blocks gunshots heard on my street
friends say its getting worse they all want to leave
I remember roaming round with my baseball team
hitting shots in the grass fields of parks named Kennedy
remember me cause I can't seem to forget you.
the comic shop hobby stop parked near the front and watched homeless drug addicts
maybe street walkers come into the place where we held down offers for our social situations
I mean it when I say it I love this little city to Im buried in the pavement
relate to this if you’re from a place no one cares about
fall river stand up and be proud.