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Jesse Dangerously
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Jesse Dangerously HW tells it like it is.

Unfortunately. Favorite track: #Raplife.
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This first appeared on Themadbloggers.com. Much respect and love to those guys for believing in the song.


released November 1, 2010



all rights reserved


H.W. Boston

I love to rap and complain.
I love to perform.
I want to see your face in the crowd.
Lets hug it out, lets get along.

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Track Name: #Raplife
this concrete jungle offers more then a pedestal
when they say get down it's better you just let it go
the street sweepers seem distracted by the guest house
I just wanted some direction on the best route
my mom worries that I'm starving for attention
constant struggle with the rent the landlord's got me questioned
when will I quit What is there to take from this
bad credit calling cards friends with the same shit
back to basics the bloggers don't know me yet
asking where I've been like I took a leave of absence
I tell them right here where the fuck have you been
as if I could understand the answer to the rhetoric
I'm Better then this so I'll just nod and smile
call some friends up trade tour stories for the night
while you slept I was driving down the highway
listening to Nobs asking when will it be OK
I got people if I need a couch
but the truth is I need more diluting to the potions drought
so if I step out don't change direction
my intentions are as pure as your next of kin
I lash out but the bulk of this infection
has me tearing at my Insides begging for the medicine
doctor doctor where do I go from here
stared off saw the answer that I feared
request denied push another forms appeal
another album shelved that the masses won't hear
I should feel better about my stagnant complements
but instead I talk about selling out like common sense
each year gets colder by the seconds
arresting development this song has no lesson
except take what you got make the best of it
regardless of the outcome give it all you got kid
I mean I'm sitting here staring at my cell screen
Tempting fate every time I write something interesting
why if we're sad we're called the color blue
Making reference to the ocean as if it's not beautiful
Too true yeah I got you nodding now
thinking thought bubbles like I was forming a cloud
Here's a little bit yeah I'm a bitter shit
Seeing names up on my block that never put in ounce into it
You wanna doubt me I understood the threat
I going back to school now rap music never made a cent
If hard worked honesty meant debt payed
I'd be living lavish without a cent saved
Instead I’m saved by mothers guilt
I feel more alone every step I take towards a new bill
As the quilt builds space invaders
Keep pushing on a button that's label stay for later
Where's the paper that will lead me to the crater
My mission was to save the earth now it's just a vapor
Whispers failure iPhone blinks
Text messages speak that I need more sleep
Skip that phase shakes are a function
I've built better blueprints for this cold city junction
Not for nothing I never hear from you
trial after trial scientists are fearful
That what I've been through is irreversible
Take my shirt and coat the world is lonely place for my soul
And with that I'm going home
The goals are set mission step off of my front porch